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 PVE Mage build lvl 50

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PostSubject: PVE Mage build lvl 50   Sun Aug 31, 2008 11:35 pm

Now before i get flamed this is a pure pve build on which you will need lens stones to use correctly. You must use your skills in a specific way for this to work!

For this build when grinding you will want to gather with wind quake and once you have all the mobs you must mass snare as to reduce the speed enough to not get hit. While grinding you want to work the mobs with quick hard turns ensuring they stay debuffed. You MUST keep wind quake and mass snare on them at all times while those skills are cooling you can use soul chaos. This will enable you to not get hit and take more mobs than you could without the constant speed debuff. I will fraps a video if any one would like.
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PVE Mage build lvl 50
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