AWOL a powerful force of the world of Archlord, this force had ruled the world and then one day vanished. Now the world of chantra trembles in fear as this mighty group comes back to clam there thrown
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PostSubject: AWOL GUILD RULES   Sat Aug 30, 2008 7:59 am

AWOL has become a major 'force' as a guild on Evengarda server. As a consequence, it appears necessary to strengthen our guild rules. While we have avoided 'rules for rules sake', I believe that we need to formalise a number of issues. I hope that the following rules will ensure that AWOL remains strong while still maintaing a 'family' atmosphere.


AWOL does not 'pk', 'ks' or 'vp' feed. Exceptions to this are guild 'enemies'. These exceptions are decided by the officers of AWOL.

Do not skull. Friendly 'skulling' is fine, but remember, other AWOLIANS can not help you effectively if you are skulled.

Do not beg.

Do not trash talk or flame.

It is a condition of being in AWOL that you always help fellow AWOLIANS. While we do not expect level 50's to go to the aid of lev 70's, we do expect immediate help to be given to those lower in level than yourself. This is non negotiable. However, do not call for help if the problem is of your own making.

AWOL operates a 'give and get' policy for supporting its members. If you require stones, reffing, weapons from the guild then the Guild expects you to donate items. A list of who collects what for the guild is posted on the forum.

There is a two week 'probationary' period. No member will receive anything from the guild until they have been in AWOL for that length of time.

AWOL does not support/donate items for 'alt' characters.

AWOL operates a Ventrillo in game voice server. While not mandatory, we would like members to download and use this. It is free to d/l and use. Some of our members listen only and reply in guild chat. This is fine.

AWOL has leveling and Siege rules. The current rules are posted in this forum.

Racism, Sexism, Ageism has no place in AWOL. We are a multicultural ,international, 'Family'. It is expected that all will treat everyone with respect and care.


Please ensure that you read the leveling and siege rules also posted on this forum.

Thankyou for your time.
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