AWOL a powerful force of the world of Archlord, this force had ruled the world and then one day vanished. Now the world of chantra trembles in fear as this mighty group comes back to clam there thrown
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 How Things Are

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PostSubject: How Things Are   Thu Sep 18, 2008 5:49 am

to quote from and then continue from a previous post

"Indeed Eck quote away

Strength to Strength is what we want to see and the best way to be

No matter our size though we must ALL stick together
Although this may be the wrong forum to mention it, things need to be mentioned and discussed
by the officers regarding the lack of "family" feeling some members have reported to me. Nothing to
major to worry about, but enough to warrant a mention/discussion."

Again i am not gonna put much in here as its public and i won't air dirty laundry here
but things have been said to me specifically that i would like to share with the officers
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How Things Are
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