AWOL a powerful force of the world of Archlord, this force had ruled the world and then one day vanished. Now the world of chantra trembles in fear as this mighty group comes back to clam there thrown
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 Siege Sign up - june 13th

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PostSubject: Siege Sign up - june 13th   Mon Jun 08, 2009 7:17 pm

I have applied AWOL to help Carpediem and defend Arthian (Trilgard) castle.

I have not had chance to talk to Lolo about accepting us - so if someone can then that would be great.

If he does accept us then please make a good turnout and fight well. I think it would be great to take some of the smaller guys - its about time they learnt. Please help and guide them.

I am away for 10 days from the 11th of June - and wont be able to log on. So, good luck good hunting and "keep the Faith".
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Siege Sign up - june 13th
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